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Benefits One Get for Having a Driver’s License When a child finally reaches the age in between 16 to 20 he reaches one of the most exciting stages of his life, leaving childhood behind and entering the life which is only known to adults. Individuals at this age range would normally want to have their first shot at having a driver’s license and being able to drive the car, and parents also look forward to this time just as they had look forward to the time when the child was learning to ride his bike, only this time, it is his car and in a few years or so, this child will be an adult who can venture on his own. Unfortunately this narrative is slowly fading away, not only because, on the one hand, parents have less and less time with their child, and when it comes to teen interests, it has also enormously changed. Industry watchers have noted that today, there is a decrease in the number of teens applying for a driver’s license. And in 2010, the number of graduating seniors who have applied for a driver’s license has also gradually dropped. The trend is obvious – there is a sustained drop in the number of teens who applied and plans to apply for a driver’s license in all likelihood because family values has been altered.
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However, despite these current behavior, the advantages of having a driver’s license is very much alive and today it is even more advantageous to have a driver’s license.
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The first reason is that it would open wider opportunities for finding a job. A teenager looking for a part-time job would find it easier to land on one when they are backed by a driver’s license. A teenager who knows how to drive and is licensed can easily find a job in retail stores and food based businesses who has customer delivery services. Nobody know what the future brings and even the regular driver does not know if he can consistently provide driving services for a family. If a driver is unable to perform his duties, then there is a need for a substitute emergency driver. This is why it is important to have a driver’s license because you will never know when you will be needed. Being able to drive a car freely anywhere, anytime without any fear of being caught by authorities and penalized is a sign of independence which many would be excited to have. Be free to transport or make errands anytime because they are important to you without having to rely on someone else to drive or bring you there.