Chronic Back Pain Was Not Going to Beat Me Up

I used to lift weights when I was younger. New job and family responsibilities had me giving up the gym time to get more important things done. However, I ended up then not being able to do some of the job and family things as well as I put on weight and lost muscle mass. My Santa Barbara chiropractor told me that the team there would help me with the pain to keep it at a minimum while I worked on losing weight and getting stronger again. I could not run and play with our kids like I used to, and the younger guys at work were stronger and faster. I needed to keep my job and build strong bonds with our kids. I needed to be able to keep moving rather than needing to be on the couch with a backache.

The adjustments made a tremendous amount of difference in my pain level. I could go from being in a lot of pain in my lower back to not having any pain at all when the pressure on the nerve was relieved. With the pain gone or very minimal, I could forego my lying on the couch to rest and keep moving. Over time I got stronger again by following the exercise plan recommended by the chiropractor. I went from being a chronic back pain sufferer to someone who no longer complained of having a hurting back. I am glad I kept up with the full treatment plan suggested by my Santa Barbara chiropractor.

The kids and my wife have noticed a huge difference. Even my coworkers are commenting about the positive change. Well, when you can work without having chronic pain to deal with, it really makes a difference in how well you can perform your responsibilities and enjoy life.