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The New Indie Game Scene For decades, video games have been designed mainly by a few key industry players. With the rise of new technology, however, new independent designers are throwing their hats in the ring. These new indie game designers are bringing new game functions and types to the gaming industry. Independent game creators are developing a new era in gaming. Many years ago, developers outside of the popular companies have built and distributed their game mostly underground. Because more people are able to find out about independent creators and distributors, the popularity of these indie games has increased. The amount of people who take the time to design indie games is increasing significantly, now that this accessibility is greater. With an increase in developers, there is also seen an increase in the types of games available for players. Many businesses that have been around a while are sticking to their tried and true staples, while indie developers are bringing new ideas to fruition. If you go through a video game section at any big box store you will discover that a lot of the games today by mainstream companies are sports games. To fill in the gaps, indie game creators make their own games in genres that big businesses just don’t bother with. The games that everyone used to love have often been given updates by indie game designers. When it comes to adventure style games, indie games are available in that genre as well. Some independent games aren’t so different from those created by typical gaming companies, but have different elements because they are designed independently. No matter what game a consumer is looking for, there is an independent creator making it.
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In order to procure an independent game, there are a variety of channels you can go through. There are some gaming sites where these games can be bought. There are also gaming sites where games can be played through the internet. Most websites that sell independent games distribute games by different game developers. Most indie distributors choose to market their game on a gaming website because their internet exposure is greater and more likeminded people will see it. Because of the wide variety of games and sellers, there is a lot to choose from on these websites. In order to have more gamers purchase their games, creators who list on these sites often have cheaper games because that is a selling point.
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The relationship between game developer and player is often a lot smoother with indie games. Most indie game developers are more open to constructive criticism and may use these on future creations or upgrades. Gamers sometimes select indie games for these opportunities. Thankfully, the gaming industry is changing from being monopolized to a few, to being more open to independent game creators. Rise in indie games is good for the market and for creators. Because of the positive response, this trend of indie game growth is bound to continue.