Healing Should Take Multiple Approaches

You know how it feels to get showered and dressed up in clothes you like that feel great on your body. Even if you have some aches and pains or general malaise, you feel a little better. Feeling good is tied a bit with your perception of being clean and how you feel you look to others. When I have a cold and it is on the wane, I take a nice hot shower and get back into my regular clothes eschewing the sweatpants and sweatshirts. I feel better then. This is why medical aesthetics in Singapore works so well. It is about being well and looking the best you can look. If you feel good about yourself, I think it actually could help boost immune properties to help you in healing conditions that have been a problem.

If you get a boost of confidence in yourself to get out there and get moving, you are getting exercise and getting healthier. If you feel better about your daily routines, you stay out of those pits that can drag you down emotionally. If you see an improvement in flaws you perceive your body to have, this can give you a smile rather than a scowl when you look in the mirror each day. Medicine should treat more than just the symptoms. It should pursue healing at the fundamental levels of what makes us tick as human beings.

I think that we should treat disease in all its forms. Take the word “disease” apart. It simply means lack of ease. This could be a lack of ease in our looks to a lack of ease due to pain or symptoms from other conditions. Healing should take multiple approaches. Ease the pain and even the mental discomfort. Increase positive perspectives. Promote a general wellbeing in every way that you can. This is what the practice of medicine should be about.