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Benefits Of 3D Printing 3D printing refers to the manufacture of prototypes in their three-dimensional phase. 3D printing is also referred to as additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping. Production of the prototype is always preceded by the development of its design. A 3D scanner is usually used in this case to capture full images of the object in play. This image is then transformed into a digital file from where copies of the original can then be derived from. In a world full of technological advancement, 3D printing has become more of a blessing than a curse. This is because with this type of printing, companies are able to maintain a competitive edge.
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Also, production of prototypes using 3D printing is quite cheaper as compared to other methods of manufacture in use today. As a result, companies can make more profits than before. Hence, large profit margins are achieved at the end of the day.
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Also, rapid prototyping allows a designer to view his first concept design before mass production. This gives a developer the opportunity of correcting any mistakes that were previously made or even integrating new features so as to make this specific prototype more appealing. As a result, the risk of producing substandard products is mitigated against. Another reason as to why it is important to use rapid prototyping is because it gives a client the chance to explain in detail what he actually requires done at the end of the day. However by showing him the prototype, then the client is able to pinpoint what he likes about the design and what he does not like. In so doing, companies are able to satisfy the desires of their customers by delivering them products and services that serve their specific needs. In the production world, designs are perfected after numerous trials. Rapid prototyping makes perfection of concept designs easier since all the adjustments are first made in digital form by use of a special computer. Moreover with 3D printing, companies find the opportunity of testing their prototypes before mass production. If the feedback is positive, then mass production begins. In so doing institutions can avoid unnecessary losses. 3D printing allows a designer to customize the same products over and over again depending on what he wants to achieve at the end of the day. This is usually a marketing strategy since clients love to use products that are unique in their right. Therefore, additive manufacturing has shaped our lives for the better. Additive manufacturing has made our wildest dreams become our reality. Therefore with 3D imaging, our future world will change for the better. It is only companies that make use of this new technology that will be able to thrive in days to come.