My Back Pain Was Excruciating

When I woke up about a week ago, I had the most awful pain. Figuring I had slept wrong, I still got out of bed but that was about all I could do that day. I had to call off work because I knew there was no way I would be able to get through a day with the level of pain I was in. I tried heating pads, pain pills, and even held a hand held massager against my back. I knew that I needed to look into chiropractors in Santa Maria when none of that helped.

I decided to give it one more day, in case I just needed time. I thought I would be able to sleep okay, but the pain even prevented me from that. I was able to catch 15 minutes here or 40 minutes there, but the pain kept waking me up. The next morning, I contacted a local chiropractor, hoping I could get in that day. If not, I knew that I was going to have to get to the emergency room to find out what was going on with my back to cause me that kind of pain.

When I explained what was going on, I think they could hear the pain in my voice. I was able to get into the office within two hours, and that was just because I needed to get ready. The chiropractor took some X-rays to look at my spine, and then he did a physical exam. When he did an adjustment on my back, I heard the pop as something shifted. The pain left just as quickly as it had come, and I could not have thanked him any more than what I did. Anyone who has ever been in excruciating pain can relate to that feeling!