Nokia 3110 Vintage – A Healthy Phone

Nokia introduced the brand new Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone, a well-balanced mobile phone if you appreciate staying connected and good value. The Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone is a prestigious and dependable device with the urban, durable pattern. The Nokia 3110 Classic can be a budget phone designed for the masses.

With 108. 5 back button 45. 7 back button 15. 6 mm, Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone leaves a lot to wish for from the telephone. With its smart 2. 2 ” color display, consumers could easily view and regulate call functions although separate input product provides controls across volume adjustment together with accepting or finishing calls. The mobile phone handset weights 87 gr, which is light nevertheless provides the user which includes a solid & robust feeling handset. The Nokia 3110 Vintage Mobile Phone carries a rechargeable fitted power, which will provide as much 370 hours with standby time or as much 4 hours talk time in the fully charged power. With the Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone, consumers can play their favorite music everytime. The phone comes with user-friendly and uncomplicated & control popular music features which include a built-in media player & some sort of FM stereo broadcast. Nokia 3110 Classic telephone can plays many categories of music, such since MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, together with enhanced AAC+. Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone features a 1. 3 mega-pixel video camera and expandable random access memory. Colour reproduction inside photo of that coloured dish, shot indoors with normal household lights is not bad. Its 128 back button 160 pixels are generally pretty rudimentary along with the screen doesnt enjoy the definition that all kinds of other handsets offer. That 262, 000 designs are welcome nevertheless, and the display is bright enough to study outdoors. Beside Connection Bluetooth, has ended up served miniUSB together with infrared to mass media of transfer info. With support with Java, Nokia 3110 Classic may be added others use and game that will support Java, therefore it can more variated. Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone is available just in black, although some color might have meant it was look more happy. Nokia 3110c comes equipped with 32 Mbytes with Flash memory, 16 Mbytes with RAM memory & with the expandable memory option that can expand the phones memory as much 2 GB, which has a MicroSD memory card account.

Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone is a tri-band EGSM nine hundred MHz/1800 MHz using automatic switching flexibility between bands. With, Nokia 3110 Classic Telephone has a terrific TFT color display which your communication creatively appealing too. All these options make Nokia 3110 Classic a tool suitable especially if you happen to are not very attracted to the tiny gadgets that cram technology in certain unbelievably small circumstances. Nokia 3110 Classic telephone is entirely produced from plastic, which surely does not work out in adding class for it. Still, the back cover is made from a slightly rubbery compound which gives the user chances to get a perfect grip.