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Waiters Uniforms and the Logic Behind a Chef’s Uniform

Creating a unified and functional plan of restaurant uniforms designed specifically for your business means identifying the needs of your company first. The things about uniforms is that it should not only look amazing and modern but it should also fit them and function properly for them.

It should be durable to withstand the heavy demands of food service and style to enhance your employee’s image. The uniforms should also be free from wrinkles with moisture wicking features. Your waiters should have uniforms that have cool venting, and the aprons should have many functional pockets which they can use to keep themselves agile.

While you can choose different styles and colors for your waiters’ uniform according to their particular job, it is different with a chef’s uniform because it has to be designed as a protective gear. Since there are difference, we will be spending a great deal discussing their differences. It is well to take note that one does not have so much choice when it comes to the white colored uniform of the chef with an unusual hat which seem impractical since they are the ones that is engage in the smuttiest job in a restaurant business. It will somehow be useful to follow the logic behind their uniform to allow you not to fall into ordering your chef clothing simply to have the appearance.
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People should understand that a chef’s uniform which consist of apron and hats is a sort of protective gear for him. People who are working in the kitchen know the important of protective clothing when cooking in the kitchen. These protective gears are not simply to protect the chef’s clothes from getting dirty but it is much more than that.
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So for people who believe that aprons are simply to cover your clothes from getting dirty, this is just partially true because aprons are also used for fire protection. Today you can find fireproof clothing that chef’s can use while working in the kitchen to protect them from fire. The new types of clothing are not only fire proof but they are also very easy to wash.

Below we will look at the basic differences between cotton and other natural materials compared to fireproof materials. If it is for fire protection, cotton and other natural materials are not capable of doing it. Furthermore, staining your cotton apron will be a great challenge because it is difficult to remove them.

Also, chef hats helps reduce sweating, the height provides a means to dissipate heat from the chef’s head. These high hats keeps hot air away from the chef’s face since it works like a fan to bring air from the bottom to move upwards. This hat also keeps the chef’s hair from falling on the food.