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Telephone Plans Overview of Alltel’s Offerings

Alltel is on the list of major US wi-fi companies providing telephone plans with across america coverage. Although better established, names like Verizon, AT&T, Run, and T-Mobile are generally better known, if for virtually no other reason as compared to their active television and website marketing campaigns.

Consumers considering Alltel telephone plans will possess a good selection of phones to choose from, including a number of Blackberry, Motorola RAZR, Moto Queen, Palm Treo, together with poplar LG designs. Alltel offers full range of Person, Family and Prepaid telephone plans.

Alltel’s individual telephone plans start only $39. 99 which includes a basic National Mobility plan, which enables 500 anytime a matter of minutes, unlimited nights together with weekends, unlimited mobile-to-mobile phoning, the My Radius feature, and free nationwide telephone long distance in available aspects. Alltel’s My Radius feature gives people free calling with regard to 10 numbers that could be on any multi-level, anywhere in the united states, at any time period. Such calls don’t subtract from that available anytime minutes inside plan.

Although that coverage area is usually broad, coverage is definetly best in the southeast and sparse in Ak, Maine and with small areas in the western US. Additionally, nationwide roaming bills of 59 cents for each minute are incurred using some pockets of the united states, so verifying coverage before investing in a plan pays.

Alltel’s cell phone plans add choices with greater telephone long distance options however. As an example, their North North american Freedom plans make available no roaming with regard to calls in Nova scotia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, along with the US Virgin Island destinations, and calls to help those countries are generally toll-free.

Alltel’s family telephone plans allow users to gain additional lines for only $9. 99 each and every month. Again, the family telephone plans start only $39. 99 which includes a single line together with move upwards to help $199. 99. Plans like the My Circle Friends and family Premier Plan supply a free second sections, in addition to help 2200 anytime a matter of minutes and unlimited days to weeks and weekends, mobile-to-mobile phoning, and unlimited text messaging for $139. 99.

Their Prepaid telephone plans run as well pay-per-day, pay-per-month, and pay-per-minute. The pay-per-day options feature anytime a matter of minutes at 10 cents for each minute, text messaging with 10 cents for each minute, picture messaging with 25 cents for each minute, and nationwide walking around at 59 cents for each minute. Users get two features at 75 cents on a daily basis, 3 features with regard to $1. 00 on a daily basis, or 4 options for $1. 25 on a daily basis.

The pay-per-month paid off plans are a tad bit more straightforward. They make available 2oo anytime a matter of minutes and 1000 day and weekend a matter of minutes for $29. 99 each and every month, 400 anytime a matter of minutes and 2000 day and weekend a matter of minutes for $39. 99 each and every month, or 700 each time minutes, unlimited day and weekend, mobile or portable to mobile phoning, and text messaging just about all for $69. 99 each and every month.

For pure convenience, the pay for each minute plan charges 15 cents for each minute on all phones. All prepaid telephone plans at Alltel may be paid by credit-based card via the telephone or online or via the replenishment card that could be purchased at several locations including Wal-Mart.