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Getting Married Doesn’t Mean Not Having Fun

I had been to Vegas a few times in my life. None of them compare to the time I was having a Bachelorette party and my friends bought me a couple of escorts. The idea outside of a party is kind of weird, but I will never forget the time with the ebony Las Vegas girl and the white male that they had gotten.

I was set to get married in a month and my friends decided it would be fun to go to Vegas. My Maid of Honor had started making plans and asked what I would rather have, male strippers or female strippers. I am not one to be picky, I love both male and female strippers and told her “surprise me.” Her next question was is anything off limits. I’m also not very picky in that regard either so I told her whatever she wanted to do, I am game for it. A few weeks later, she sends me a text and tells me everything is planned and she was ready for that party weekend. It was my last hurrah and I wanted to go out with a bang!

The weekend of the trip came and I was decked out in my best party dress and got a “Wife To Be” sash to wear. I also had a crown and the whole nine yards decked out on me. When we got to the hotel, there was a beautiful woman and a handsome guy waiting to pick us up and come with us. When I say they livened the party up, they really did liven the party up! They were not strippers, but they knew so much about Vegas and where to go. I even got some last minute advice on being married and how Vegas was the best sport to “sow my wild oats” if you will. They came with us to strip clubs, regular clubs, made sure were having a good time no matter where we went.

I found out later that my friend hired them and now when we go back to Vegas, we make sure to check to see if they still work as escorts. When we see they are, we hired them right away! They are the best at keeping a party going and they are very attractive people! I would highly reccommend them to anyone!