A Simple Gift for Mom

My mother had a birthday last week, and I decided to get her customized socks as a present. As far as presents go, this was one of the most simple presents that I’ve gotten her, but it was also one of the most practical. I usually get her something high tech and expensive, like computers, phones, and tablets, but she has a hard time figuring out how to use any of that stuff. Even after reading the instructions and me helping her to use it, she still can’t really figure it out. I decided that it would be better to go with a more low tech solution.

The socks that I got for her had a special pattern on them that she really loved. She has shirts and things with this pattern on it, so I figured it would be cool for her to have socks with the pattern. Surprisingly, she didn’t have any socks with the pattern before I got her some. I figured she would have gotten some at some point, but she didn’t. Maybe she was waiting for someone to buy them for her as a gift.

I wrapped the socks up in a box with wrapping paper on it and gave them to my mother. My mother shook the box to try to figure out what was in it, but she couldn’t guess. She thought it might have been something electronic, but I told her that it wasn’t, and required no instructions to use. After she opened it, she was surprised to see that I had gotten her the socks. She loved them and put them on her feet immediately. She said it was one of the easiest to use gifts that I had ever gotten her, and that she would wear them as much as she could.