Anniversary Dreams Turned into New Passion

Looking for a good piano teacher in Singapore isn’t always easy. However, knowing what you want really does help narrow down the options to someone who can help you really fast. For me, I was looking for someone to teach me the basics of piano playing and teach me how to play one song. I wasn’t looking to become the next Beethoven or anything like that. I just wanted to learn a song for my husband for our anniversary. The problem was no piano teacher just gave lessons to learn a song, or so I thought.

For our anniversary, I wanted to go the extra mile for my husband. He has always been there for me and I wanted to express how much I appreciated that. He had always loved a specific song and it had a wonderful piano medley in it and I wanted to learn that song to play for him for our anniversary. Sadly, no matter how many times I explained that to piano teachers, no one wanted to teach me just the basics and a song. Most wanted to charge for full lessons and teach me that way so I learn the song on my own.

Eventually, someone took me up on the challenge and said they would book me for a week and if I didn’t know the song by the end of the week, they would teach me for free until I did learn it. Thankfully, the teacher was a bit of a loon and liked doing things different. He told me this would be a great exercise to see if he could teach in a different way. I was just glad someone didn’t see this as a cash grab and did want to help!

The whole week went really well! The first few days I learned the basics on how to play the piano and how to read sheet music. The last 3 days of the week was him teaching me the sheet music of the song I was learning and the notes in just that song. He kept encouraging me that if I can get this down, I can play piano since it’s not much harder than that. In the span of the week, I did learn the song. It wasn’t a miracle, I owed it all to the music teacher!

When I played the song for my husband, the tears in his eyes were matched with him asking me “How did you learn this?” and I told him about searching for a teacher and finally finding one. The next week, me and my husband called the teacher again and told him to book us both for lessons to learn the piano and now it is a huge passion of ours to play!