Best Decorative Bells – Most Beautiful Bells [Review 2021]

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings” is a famous line from the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life(1946) “. This proves the spiritual connection of bells has. Many religions use some decorative bells to create a spiritual co-relationship with the heavens and the creator. They believe the ting-tong of the bell will drive away any evil spirits around them.

When did the bells start to use?

Humans and their use of bells can be dated back to the 3rd millennium BC. Bells were widely used in the medieval time by churches which were known as Gongs. Also, general people used calling bells on their front doors before the availability of electric calling bells.

Fast forward to 2021; we do not need metal bells in our front door. Nor do the churches need to have gigantic bells to gather the citizens of the town. Still, the charm of bells has not died off. They are still being used in many rituals – also, some cultures associate bells with good luck. However, bells have seen their rise in popularity as decoration items in the 21st century.

What are the most beautiful decorative bells?

Today we are going to talk about some of the most beautiful bells and some perks about them. So let’s get into it.

Most Durable Decorative Bell

Sungmore Wall Bell
Built to survive all weather 

Best Bell For Modern Home

Coastal Space Designs AL 1843-VC Ship Bell
The modern home requires modern ornaments 

Best Bell For Outside

Juvale Rustic Door Bell
The cutest garden decorating piece ever.

Best Hand Crafted Bell

The Metal Magician Nautical Brass Bell
Almost an art piece 

Best Brass Bell

Coastal Space Designs 6″ Nautical Bell
Sleek and beautiful 

5 Most Beautiful Decorative Bells Review

Are you planning to give your front door a new touch of elegance? Or does your lawn or porch look rather dull? Do you know adding a simple decorative bell can change the atmosphere dramatically? There are a lot of decorative bells available right now. These bells come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be cool, cute, and elegant at the same time.

Though looking for bells can be tiresome, but don’t worry; we got you covered. We have tested and reviewed the popular bells currently available. And made a list of the five best bells you can buy right now. Here are the five most beautiful bells available right now.

#1 – Juvale Rustic Door Bell

Your garden can use this excellent cast iron bell. The Juvale Rustic Door Bell can be the cute addition to your garden door needed. The bell frame is decorated with two adorable love birds looking at each other. And at the end of the frame, there is the bell itself.


Juvale Rustic Decorative Bells

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So, the bell is made with cast iron. The frame is almost 9 inches long and 5 inches in width. The whole package is nearly 2.2 pounds. While the bell is only 3 inches long. It is a cute package.

The Juvale Rustic Doorbell is easy to install. Also, the bell features a handy ornate post convenient handy hanging. It would be no problem to set up this decorative bell. Cast iron is an excellent material for an outside bell, so no headache for rusts or so. The bell construction is sturdy and would easily handle some heavy wind.

#2 – Coastal Space Designs AL 1843-VC Ship Bell

Coastal Space Designs are popular modern decorative brands. They make cool and unique decoration pieces for households. All of the products of CSD look antique but with a slight touch of elegance too. CSD designs and reproduces bells as well. They offer more than 50 unique designs of bells. We picked up the CSD AL 1843-VC Ship Bell as the best of them from this lineup.


Coastal Space Designs AL 1843-VC Ship Bell

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The CSD AL-1843 is a reproduction. These types of bells were used in ships in their days. Now ships have sirens and whistles, so no need for bells in ships. As these bells were signs of master craftsmanship, now they found their way into our homes. The CSD 1843 Ship Bell blends in any modern household. It could be a cute gimmick in your dining room. Or an unusual decoration piece in your living room. The great bell weighs only 10 ounces and is made with silver, aluminum, and chrome. The bell could be a wonderful gift as a housewarming gift for a friend.

#3 – Nautical Specials Designs 6″ Nautical Bell

Another ship bell reproduction from good folks of Coastal Space Designs. This time a different kind of bell. This is yet another metal bell, but this time it is made from brass. Brass was a popular medium for making bells since ancient times. People are using brass bells for centuries and till now. The main reason for the popularity of the brass bell is the sound it produces. The soothing sound of the bell always soothes the wildest of the hearts.


Nautical Specials Designs 6

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The CSD 6″ Nautical Bell comes is another reproduction of an ancient brass bell. The bell comes in a beautiful bright golden color. The full construction consists of a mounting handle. At the end of the mounting bracket, the lovely bell itself with a quality rope hanging downwards for ease of using the bell. Total construction weighs about 2 pounds only. So, if you want an excellent brass bell in your modern home, pick this one up hurry.

#4 – Sungmor Wall Bell

If you are looking for a durable bell to mount outside your house, you can look into the Sungmor wall bells. A substantial wall bell is made with cast iron. You will know it would last for a long time just by looking at it. The Item has some weight in it. The bell weighs almost 3 pounds.


Sungmor Wall Bell


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The Sungmor Wall Bell will surely add a new dimension to your garden. The bell comes in 4 vibrant design options. You can choose between Shape A-Owls, Shape B-Birds, Shape C- Sunflower, and Shape D- AbSequer. We loved the Owl one. The little owls on top of the bell make it cute. And the best part is the artwork on the bell is three-dimensional. So it appeals on a different level. But the Sungmor hanging bell is not a showpiece only, and it is solid as well. Made with cast iron, so you know it won’t rust. This bell is just the perfect decoration piece for your front or backdoor.

#5 – The Metal Magician Nautical Brass Bell

If you want shiny, beautiful bells for your living room, the Metal Magician Nautical Brass Bell is for you. This is a great brass bell with a lovely rope hanging with it. The shiny bell is sure to add a  level to the beauty of your home decor.


The Metal Magician Nautical Brass Bell

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The Metal Magician Nautical Brass Bell is made by hand through all the places. If you take this magnificent piece in your hand, you are sure to be mesmerized by its expert craftsmanship. The bell is 6.5″ in diameter and 6′ tall. The bell is detailed beautifully. There is a touch of class of this bell from the top mounting handle to the rope hanging downward. However, I don’t think the bell is just for show only. It sounds fantastic like any other top-quality brass bells. If you are an enthusiast of expert craftsmanship, this bell would be a perfect fit for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Bells Made?

Early bells were made from metal sheets. Blacksmiths used to band metals to bell shapes and then riveted them together. The expensive ones were dipped into molten bronze, which helped to fill out any openings. Also would make the sound louder.

Today bells are made from melted metals in dice. Also, some makers still make bells in hand.

There are ceramic and clay bells also. Both of these types of bells are hand-shaped and then burned afterward for longevity.

What are Bells Made off?

The common element to make bells is metal. Various metals are used in different phases of time. The most common metal found in bells is brass. Also, bells were dipped in bronze as well. So there is that. Bells have been made with silver, cast iron, brass, bronze, and even pure gold. In modern times there are bells made with aluminum and ss as well. It was a time when copper bells were not a rare thing.

Also, there are bells made from ceramic and clay also.

How to Decorate Jingle Bells?

Jingle Bells have become the irreplaceable part of Christmas. No Christmas tree is complete without these little bells. However, it can be a struggle if you do not know how to handle thAn ominous.

A bad-looking Christmas tree can ruin your whole Christmas.

You can hang your jingle bells with the branches of the Christmas tree. If you have the big bells, then it will be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you have the little ones, you have to be a little bit creative with them. At first, hang them on a long thread, all the jingle bells. Then wrap that thread around your Christmas tree, and you are good to go.

How Do You Put Bells on Bedroom Walls?

The bedroom is usually the farthest deep room of the house. Generally, the decorative bell is hung in common areas of the house. But if you want bells in your sleeping place, you have to get the cute small bells and hang them with a thread from the ceiling. You can use a taped angle for this chore.

How Do You Hang Decorative Bells From Ceiling?

Usually, decorative bells are built with a wall mount. But if you want a decorative bell from the ceiling, you need to get bells that do not have any wall mounts. And use threads and taped angles to hang the decorative bell from the top.

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked our list of the Most Beautiful Bells. Bells are wonderful as decoration pieces, and the gentle tang of the bell quickly calms your mind. We hope you will enjoy a fantastic time with your new decorative bells. Thank you so much for reading.