Detailing My Car to Look Perfect

I wanted to sell my car, but I knew that I had to do some major cleaning on it first. I usually just run it through the car wash every month or so, but that really does not do a great job. I needed to find someone who could detail it before I took pictures of it. Because of my lack of care in the past to it, I needed a true expert when it comes to detailing. A friend of mine told me about a company that does mobile auto detailing in Detroit.

He had not personally used this detailing service yet, but several of his cousins and other family members had. They had nothing but good things to say about the company, so I decided to give them a try. I knew that a expertly cleaned car would net me a lot more in my negotiations with whoever would buy it. I looked on the website for this company and saw that there is actually a package called The Showroom. This is the best package they offer, and it contains even more than I would have expected with a package of this name.

This entails both the interior as well as the exterior of the car. It does everything from cleaning the windows to polishing the tires, cleaning the door jambs and wiping down the engine compartment, cleaning the headlights and even restoring them. IT takes about four hours to do, and it is worth every single penny. I had this done, and the car looked incredible after they were done with it. In fact, I had second thoughts about selling it. I needed something different though, and I know that this detailing job allowed me to ask for more than what I was originally going to sell it for.