I Am Doing Really Well with My New Girlfriend

I have been really enjoying this girl that I met a couple of weeks ago. She is really different from any other girl that I have met. The big thing is money, because you usually expect that the girl is going to let you pick up every check that comes near the two of you. At any rate I took her out to the place that I used to work at when I was in college, the place that happens to have the best Italian in San Diego and they charge you like that. She insisted upon picking up the check and was really confused when she saw it. They only charged us for a bottle of wine, half of which I recorked and took home. I laughed at her and pointed out the people that worked there which I knew, which was only a small number.

I pointed to the owner and took her over to introduce her. The guy then began to tell this wild story about how I had saved his life in an alley fight with ten huge guys. When he got done he told her that I was the noblest of all men. I laughed out loud. I do not get to abuse the privilege, but so long as it is only once in awhile they let me eat for free. Most times I would go in through the kitchen door and help out for a bit and then make a little extra of something that I wanted to eat. It is not like I had taken many girls there through the front door and aside from that, my sister is married to the younger brother of the owner too. She worked there while she was in college as well and that is how I got the job.