I Stay Happy and Have Financial Control in My Life by Working Each Day

As a young wife, I really thought I would enjoy having extra time at home each day before my husband gets home. What I learned was that I had too much idle time on my hands. After discussing it with my husband, I told him that I was going to accept a paid position as a part time helper in Singapore so that I can earn money and keep busy. He was a little unsure about that at first, but he told me he would not stop me. What he has learned since then is that it’s important for your wife to be happy and it makes sense to earn money instead of staying home and getting no pay at all.

We are both in our twenties, and we grew up with families who did things very differently from the other. My mom is very vocal and has always worked. She’s strong, and she knows how to get things done at home and at work without much trouble. She enjoys bringing in a paycheck that helps her husband because they are a team. At the same time, she also values earning money that she keeps because it gives her the financial control that every woman should have. On the other hand, my husband grew up in a family where his mother is very shy and submissive. She is a stay-at-home wife and likes it that way.

My husband originally thought that our own relationship should be like what he has seen with his own parents. He wanted me to stay at home and he would be the only person bringing in money. After we married, I learned that I can easily get my chores done early every morning, I found myself with too much time on my hands for much of the day afterward. It just made good financial sense for me to get a part-time job that I can go to each afternoon so that I can earn money just like my husband does.