Life Just Keeps Getting Better

Simply by moving into the Treasure at Tampines condo with my cousin, I was able to change my entire life. I moved into the condo because I wanted to get out of my parents home and have a place to stay. I didn’t have enough money to move anywhere on my own, so I asked my cousin if he wanted to share an apartment with me, and he agreed. He was in a similar situation as he wanted to get out of his parents home and didn’t have the funds for solo living. While looking at the apartments, he came up with the idea of moving into a condo instead.

At first, I didn’t think that we could afford a condo, but he told me that he knew of a few places that had some great rates. I looked at his recommendations, and there was one that was just perfect for us. It was in the price range that we were willing to spend, and it had all of the amenities that we wanted in a condo, plus some extra ones that were a great bonus. We signed an agreement for the condo and moved our items into it and made it our own. That was only the firs step of our new lives.

After moving into the condo, we both met two amazing people that would become our girlfriends. I hit it off with my girlfriend instantly, and so did my cousin. Eventually, thing progressed to the point that my girlfriend and I were in a serious relationship, and I wanted to ask her to marry me, so I bought a ring and got down on one finger, and she said yes. That was the happiest moment for the both us, and I can’t wait for the future with my wife.