She is Learning a Lot in Her Tutoring Sessions

The tuition centre at Bukit Timah proved to be extremely beneficial to my son. He was having trouble with one of his classes at school, and we decided that getting him some tutoring help was really the only option to help him. He could remove himself from the class, but that was just covering up the problem temporarily. He would just have to take it again next year with the same teacher, and he would have the same issues then. We are not the type to cover up issues, so we started looking at the options, which is how we found the tutor that helped him so much.

He really has a keen interest in physics, so we were surprised that he was struggling as much as he was. When we tried to find out where the problem was, it was as if we were speaking two different languages. Physics is not a strong suit of ours though, which is why we decided to take him to someone who does speak that language. Tony Chee came highly recommended from a work mate of my husband’s. His own child had trouble, and Mr. Chee was able to help him so he got an A in the course.

That was all the proof we needed, and we arranged for the tutoring to start as quickly as possible. He had quite a few schedule openings because it was not quite the beginning of a new term, so we were fortunate to get the opening that fit with all our schedules. Our daughter learned so much more in this group tutoring setting because of Mr. Chee’s teaching methodology. She also raised her grade to an A, and she is excited to continue going to these tutoring sessions because she is having so much fun learning in them!