That KG800 Chocolate GSM just by LG Phone

They say that chocolate provides improvement over cell phones, correct? Well, maybe that’s not the exact saying. Cell phone manufacturer LG really need misunderstood the old saying as they decided to blend the richness of chocolate which includes a mobile phone product.

This phone is usually highly fashionable which includes a mirror-like shine that will screams “Fifth Method. ” The dazzling, black design from this sliding phone having its glowing red buttons successful as both some sort of women’s accessory or maybe a man’s toy. It’s design has really earned the LG KG800 Chocolates the 2006 WHEN Design Award with Germany. Good chance keeping fingerprints off of it, though.

LG brings in the forefront a innovative keypad feature that will uses conductivity, instead than pressing, to set off a button. This is great if you’re super careful with all your phone but sheet metal objects and drenched fingers, or even moistness inside pouch, can hurt the sensors. The keypad deactivates in the event the phone is closed and for those who have connected a call and avoid accidental rubbings with your cheek and inside pockets.

Slider phones are frequently mistaken for clam-style and not so with that Chocolate. The sliding mechanism locks whether it is closed so there’s certainly no grabbing the prime half and pulling it open.

The one problem with that keypad, save that moisture or sheet metal sensitivity, is that buttons are alternatively small. Ladies (or men) using dainty, small fingers don’t likely notice the following but men (or women) using large fingers and hands is guaranteed to will. The 1-2-3 control keys are difficult to help press for large fingers additionally, since the prime slides up therefore it just uncovers the following top row with buttons. Some people won’t notice, some others will. Make sure you test that before you warning sign a contract.

Not surprisingly, if you need into picking in the LG KG800 Chocolate to make use of as a telephone, in addition for a fashion accessory, then you might want to know about it can be functionality. The battery life is much less than LG promotes, but that’s to remain expected with any sort of mobile phone lately. LG claims 06 days standby but you will likely only see share of that. Charging the iphone requires opening the iphone, making it subject to damage.

You’ll be capable to see a wide array of vivid colors relating to the Chocolate, more than all kinds of other fashionable phones. LG supplies 262, 000 colors as compared to just 65, 000 with other models. Corners are pointed and images don’t suffer from cell-phone haziness.

That buttons and choices aren’t intuitive, you will still are familiar using LG devices. Be ready to spend some serious time as much 4 hours fiddling around along with the phone while studying the manual. For the primary few days you will probably find it a little bit cumbersome but you will likely catch on really quickly. Once you obtain it down and recognize how to use it, you can see the menus response time is incredibly fast. This phone isn’t plagued along with the slow menus with other phones available. As for use features, there is not really much new these. You’ll get the typical messaging, file surfing, games and several included sounds. You may download more matches, MP3s and many other music files additionally ringtones and selection sounds relatively just. You will get hold of email, a quality-sound Mp3player and a web browser additionally Java, still photos and video seize. The phone book stands up to 1000 clients. The LG Chocolates is Bluetooth endowed.