The Best Christmas Party I’ve Ever Been to

I wanted to do something really special for my crew last year. I always give out end of the year bonuses, which I know are really appreciated. However, I had landed a very lucrative contract last summer, and I know I owe the success of that to my competent and loyal workers. I have never had a Christmas party for them because I remember the parties I had went to when I was on the other end of the paycheck, and they were quite boring. I just never wanted to subject my employees to that level of Christmas party entertainment.

I started thinking about it though, and I knew that I could make a Christmas party that beat all other company parties. Rather than just have the entertainment consist of talking with one another and having a drink or two, I figured I would bring in some real entertainment. I knew that bringing in a band would liven things up, so I did an internet search for local bands. That is how I found the company that supplies more than just bands for Christmas parties or any other event that a personor company is having.

When i looked through everything this company offers, I knew that hiring a band was going to be just the beginning of what I wanted to do. Like I said, this group of workers took me from being a small business owner to opening up two satellite locations just to handle the demand. I sent out invitations to all the employees and told them to bring a guest, or even two if they like. I had professional dancers, a couple of magicians, and dancing elves along with a band that played not only Christmas music but current tunes as well. It was so much fun that I know this is going to be an annual happening, and I know that everyone is also looking forward to the next one already!