The Screen on Her IPad Cracked

When my niece came to visit me for a few weeks, she made sure she brought her iPad. She does so many things with it. She likes a few games, but she uses it to learn all kinds of things too. she also likes to use a few apps that deal with photography, so I really did not mind that she used her free time to play on it. She was heartbroken when it fell onto the sidewalk because the screen cracked. I know of a company that does iPad repair in Richmond, and I promised her we would take it there to see if they could fix it.

She thought that she was going to have to have her parents buy her a new one, which really is not in their budget. I was happy that I knew of this place, because I did not want her to go even a day without it. I work from home, so I knew that there would be at least six hours of free time for her. She could have watched television, but she would rather learn on her iPad, which is great.

We decided to have lunch in Richmond that day when I saw that we did not need to make an appointment for the iPad to be fixed. We dropped it off at the repair shop, and we went to a nice restaurant that was just a few doors down. We spent about 50 minutes in the restaurant, so we checked back at the repair shop after we ate. Not only was it fixed, but the price was extremely reasonable too. I really appreciated the fact that they did not take advantage of a situation because they definitely could have. I know I will bring any devices here in the future if they need fixed.